Plan for this week’s lecture

Dear all, After a couple of weeks of silence in the course we start with the lectures and presentations tomorrow. 12:15: Group 2 presents P2. Group 3 is the opponent. 12:45: Babak will talk about literature study, and if time…

No lectures this week

I have already sent messages to all of you but also give an update here. Due to excursion there will be no IT3010 lecture tomorrow. The presentations will also be moved one week ahead. However, I will be at EL4…

Plan for the coming week

Babak is away this week so no regular lectures. But we will have presentation of P1 by group 1, with questions prepared by group 2. Anh will be in EL4 on Thursday also to answer your questions regarding assignment 1….

Lecture notes available from the menu

I have added a new link to a page in the menu where you can access the notes from the lectures (IT3010 and TDT39) on slideshare.

Common 3010 and TDT39 lecture tomorrow 28.August

Plan for tomorrow. Note that those of you taking TDT39 don’t need to be there the first hour. 12:15-12:45- Only IT3010- Anh and I will do group division. Group division will be random. You will right your name on a…

The text book

I would encourage you to get your hands on a copy of the text book (see admin page for a link to the book) as soon as possibly. The same book is used in IT3010 and TDT39. I know Academia…

These are the web pages for IT3010 and TDT39

Remember our first information meeting and lecture on Thursday August 21, at 12:15 in EL4.