Frequently asked questions

General questions

Q: I don’t have MS Office on my computer. How do I deliver the assignment A: Use other systems. And yes you can deliver PDF.
Q: What is the difference between IT3010 and TDT39? A: Since these two courses are very similar, have the same teacher and the same web pages, this question comes up quite often. IT3010 is a full master course that gives you 7.5 credit points. It runs in the Spring semester, has lectures and mandatory exercises. TDT39 is an specialization course and is part of TDT4506. It runs in autumn semester, and you take it together with another specialization course and your specialization project. You need only one of IT3010 or TDT39. You cannot take both of them.
Q: Do I have to write the research plan in English? A: It is preferable that you write in English. But it is not a requirement. You can also use Norwegian. No other languages than Norwegian and English please!

Specific IT3010 questions

Q: We have not received the evaluation of our group presentations. Why? A: The evaluation will be given at the end of the course when all groups have presented. This is to helps us give you more meaningful grades related to a mean grade for all.


Specific TDT39 questions

Q: On the day of the exam [I have other exams|I am not in town|I cannot meet]. What do I do? A: The research plan can be sent to Babak by email on the day of the exam, no later than 16:00CET.
Q: Can my research plan be longer than 3 pages? Or more than 1200 words? A: No. Maximum 3 pages including all your figures and references, and maximum 1200 words including all the document are strict rules. Anything that goes beyond these restrictions will be ignored when grading. We need to have these restrictions due to the high number of students.
Q: Can I send my draft plan for feedback A: No. Unfortunately we cannot provide feedback on drafts. We suggest you show and discuss your drafts with your supervisor.
Q: Where is itsLearning folder for TDT39? A: We don’t use itsLearning in this course.
Q: I have already taken IT3010. Can I also take TDT39? (or the other way around) A: No you cannot. IT3010 covers TDT39 and more. You can take only one of the courses.
Q: I am a student in another [department|faculty] than [IDI|IME]. Can I take TDT39? A: As long as you are allowed to register for the course it is OK with us. Some disciplines use different research strategies and data generation methods than those covered in this course. But the general framework should be useful also for other disciplines. Though remember that we cannot adapt the course to other disciplines than ICT.
Q: We are [2|3|N] students working on the same autumn project. Should we deliver each our own research plans? A: No you deliver one research plan but write the name of all your co-students on the front page. The plan will have one additional evaluation criteria, which is the level of ambition and whether it corresponds to the amount of work 2-3 students are required to product.
Q: You have asked for a research plan. What is this research plan for? For the autumn project course or for the spring master thesis? A: The preference is to make the plan for your thesis. So you use your spring project as a pre-study for your thesis, where through literature study or experiments you get deeper knowledge about the problem and have a better idea what to do in your thesis. But you can also make the plan for your autumn project, or for the combination of autumn project and thesis. You can also choose another project, but in this case please talk to the teacher.


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    Hey Babak!

    Since the plan has to be send by mail (as mentioned often), what is the -actual- email the plan has to be send to? I couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere, neither in the kick-off slides nor here on the home page or FAQ.

    Thanks for the answer!

    – Sandra

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