Evaluation and deliverables in IT3010

IT3010 does not have any exam. You will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Three group assignments: 30% of the final grade.
  • One group presentation of own results: 20%.
  • One individual essay – research plan: 50%.

Group assignments

We have three group assignments in spring 2016:

  • Research plan (10%)
  • Data collection (10%)
  • Data analysis (10%)

More detailed information about these assignments are provided during lectures and uploaded to itsLearning.

Group presentations and questions

Each group will prepare a presentation of own results from the first three assignments. More information will be provided during lectures and in itslearning (20%).

Individual essay- research plan

Choose a research topic and question, and a research strategy, either case study, design science or survey. Write an individual essay explaining your research plan:

  • Write the essay in form of a short research plan on the topic you want to study. You can use the template for research plans here which is based on the 6 Ps from the textbook.
  • Include a short literature review (maximum 4 references to research papers on the topic).
  • Length of the report: maximum 1200 words in total excluding the front-page (including figures, references etc.).
  • Fill in the information in the front-page. This is not counted as part of 1200 words.
  • Deadline: week 18 (see course plan).
  • Deliver through Itslearning

Your research plan should briefly cover the following issues:

  • What do you want to research (research questions)?
  • Why is it interesting (relevance for practitioners, researchers)?
  • How will you answer your research questions (selecting case/artefact, data collection)?
  • How will you analyze the data?
  • What results do you expect to obtain and would they differ from existing ones?

Your essay will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity
    • It has to be clear what are you planning to do and why
    • Each part of your research plan should be connected
  • Ability to use curriculum in deciding approach for
    • Data collection
    • Data analysis
    • Data interpretation

See also this page for common issues with earlier delivered research plans in our courses.

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