Administrative information for TDT39


  • Part of TDT4506 (in Norwegian). You take this theory module together with another theory module and an autumn project.
  • Teacher: Babak Farshchian, room 106 ITV, on Wednesdays only, preferably by email.
  • Lectures: There are no mandatory lectures in this course. You self-study the book and deliver your research plan. There might be some Q&A meetings. Notice will be given prior to these meetings.
  • Textbook: Researching Information Systems and Computing by Briony J Oates (2005). All the book is interesting but you can focus on the parts that have to do with your deliverable (see also my SlideShare page for slides that summarize the book).
  • Exercises: There is one exercise in the course, the research plan, that will count for 100% of the final grade. See this page for more information in this exercise.
  • Exam: There will be no oral or written exam in the course. The research plan you deliver will count for 100% of the final grade. If you have problems delivering a research plan please contact the teacher. Date for delivery: 29. November 2018, 16:00 CET. You can send a PDF copy of your research plan to Babak by email.
  • Registering to the course: The course teacher is not responsible for registering you to the course. Talk to student expedition office. Make sure you are registered to the course.
  • Prerequisite: The course assumes you have background in ICT or related fields. There are no additional requirements. Note that if you have already taken IT3010 you cannot take this course!

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