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TDT02 - Advanced, distributed systems (Autumn 2020)


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Advanced, distributed systems (Autumn 2020)

Svein Erik Bratsberg is the responsible teacher for the course. For more information, email (sveinbra at ntnu.no).


Dependent on the number of students registering for the course, the course might be a colloquium. We have planned 5 meetings. Startup is 15 Sep. Everything is going to be digital. Zoom links are sent by e-mail to the registered students.


This course is for those who are deaply interested in databases, database technolgy and distributed systems. Below is an initial suggestion for syllabus (2020). Since you are especially interested in databases, please send me a suggestion for your favourite database paper.

  1. The Case for Learned Index Structures. Tim Kraska et al., SIGMOD 2018. Gaute.
  2. An Evaluation of Distributed Concurrency Control, R.Harding et al, 2017. Julie.
  3. How good are optimizers really?, V. Leis et al, VLDB 2015. Håkon og Mari.
  4. SLOG: Serializable, Low-latency, Geo-replicated Transactions. K. Ren et al., VLDB 2019. Lise og Ingrid.
  5. Sindre og Katrine.
  6. Write-Behind Logging, J.Arulraj et al., VLDB 2017. Lars Martin og Anna.
  7. Building a Bw-Tree Takes More Than Just Buzz Word, Z. Wang et al., SIGMOD 2018. Jon.
  8. LeanStore: In-Memory Data Management Beyond Main Memory, V. Leis et al, ICDE 2018. Erik L. og Heidi
  9. Cloud-Native Database Systems at Alibaba: Opportunities and Challenges, F. Li. VLDB 2019. Brage.
  10. Aria: A Fast and Practical Deterministic OLTP Database, Y. Lu et al. VLDB 2020. Joakim.
  11. Dynamo: Amazon s Highly Available Key-value Store. Werner Vogels et al. 2007. Marius og Erik A.N.R.
  12. In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm. D. Ongaro and J. Ousterhout. Usenix 2014. Henrik og Hallvard.
A presentation could focus on the following aspects:
  1. Motivation -- what problems are solved?
  2. Application domain?
  3. Methods?
  4. Architecture?
  5. Test results?
  6. Conclusions?
  7. Other interesting things??


Brække, Heidi Lohne
Domben, Ingrid Seip
Echtermeyer, Hallvard
Hermansen, Anna Haugsbø
Holm, Katrine Lie
Hove, Lise Presterud
Kleppe, Lars Martin
Knudsen, Henrik
Kaasbøll, Marius Aleksander
Lerfaldet, Mari Sofie
Liu, Erik
Mo, Julie Sydow
Rahka, Erik Anders Nystø
Ryfetten, Jon
Solemdal, Gaute Håhjem
Snarud, Brage Halse
Stephansen, Sindre Amdal
Strandlie, Håkon
Sæther, Joakim