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TDT13 - Computational Semantics

(Semantikk for naturlig språk, 2019)


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(Semantikk for naturlig språk, 2019)

Computational Semantics

(Semantikk for naturlig språk, 2019)

Given by Björn Gambäck.

The course consists of a set of regular lectures and student presentations, as well as a short exam (written or oral).

Note that the course is not only about Computational Semantics, but that the course content in general is tailored towards the needs of the students writing a Master Thesis in Language Technology, Computational Creativity or a related area. Other students are of course very welcome to follow the course, but are adviced to contact the lecturer beforehand.

This year we will in particular discuss:

  • introduction to language technology,
  • semantic representations and processing,
  • classification algorithms for language processing, applied to:
    • sentiment analysis
    • author profiling
    • hate speech identification
  • computational (linguistic) creativity.
  • Course schedule

    1. Wednesday September 11, 10:15-12, room 242: Introduction
    2. Wednesday October 2, 10:15-12, room 242: Computational Semantics
    3. Wednesday October 16, 10:15-12, room 242: Inferencing, Sentiment Analysis
    4. Wednesday October 30, 10:15-12, room 242: Text Classification, Computational Creativity
    5. Tuesday November 26, 10:15-17, room 242: Presentations
    6. Thursday November 28, room 315: Oral Exam


    Visiting hour

    by appointment


    For nærmere informasjon om emnet, kontakt faglærer Björn Gambäck.