Curriculum — Spring 2017

Computer Architecture - A Quantitative Approach, 5th Edition, Hennessy and Patterson

  • Appendix B.1-B.7 - Review of Memory Hierarchy
  • Appendix C.1-C.3 - Review of Pipelining
  • Chapter 1.1-1.12
  • Chapter 2.1-2.8
  • Chapter 3.1-3.15
  • Chapter 4.1-4.9
  • Chapter 5.1-5.10
  • Chapter 6.1-6.6
  • Appendix F.1-F.6


  • Digital Leads the Pack with 21164 - First of Next-Generation RISCs Extends Alpha’s Performance Lead, by Linley Gwennap, Microprocessor Report, The Insiders’ Guide to Microprocessor Hardware, Vol. 8, No. 12, Sep. 1994, paper
  • The Future of Microprocessors, by Shekahr Borkar AND Andrew A. Chien, Communications of the ACM, 2011, paper (Need to be on NTNU's network to access)
  • Is Dark Silicon Useful? Harnessing the Four Horsemen of the Coming Dark Silicon Apocalypse, by Michael B. Taylor, Design Automation Conference (DAC), 2012, paper
  • On-Chip Interconnection Architecture of the TILE Processor, by David Wentzlaff, Patrick Griffin, Henry Hoffmann, Liewei Bao, Bruce Edwards, Carl Ramey, Matthew Mattina, Chyi-Chang Miao, John F. Brown III, and Anant Agarwa, IEEE Micro 2007, paper

All the course slides are made available on Its learning

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