TDT01 Architecture of Computing Systems 2017

TDT1 is a specialization course focusing on specialist topics within computer architecture. This year's version will cover energy efficient computing systems.

Course responsible: Magnus Själander

Students 2017

  • Morten Johannes Barbala
  • Mathias Havdal
  • Jon Andreas Melbye
  • Janusa Ragunathan
  • Even Olsson Rogstadkjærnet
  • Jørgen Valstad

If you are not on this list, but intend to follow TDT01 you need to contact Magnus ASAP.


  • 05/09-16 1100-1200 (ITV-242): Startup meeting
  • 05/10-16 1300-1500 (ITV-242): Discussion 1
  • 26/10-16 1300-1500 (ITV-242): Discussion 2
  • 09/11-16 1300-1500 (ITV-242): Discussion 3

Reading list

Note: To access the full versions of the papers from IEEE and ACM you need to have an NTNU IP address. If you are not on campus, try VPN or a terminal server.


Energy Efficient Computing:

Previous Editions

2017/09/19 15:05, Magnus Sjalander