TDT1 is a specialist 5th year course on multicore architectures, chip multiprocessors and green computing. The course will focus on having an up to date reading list of high quality, but with relatively few meetings. TDT-1 had an introductory meeting at 23/8-2012, slides from Lasses presentation are found below. Registered students so far are: Ole Kristian Ekseth, Christian Vik Grøvdal, Stian Liknes, Trond Inge Lillesand, Matthew Guise, Lars Greger Nordland Hagen, Magnus Alvestad Mikalsen, Lars Ivar Simonsen, Alexandru Fiodorov, Thomas Bølstad Martinsen, Håkon Hjelde Wold, Lars Martin S. Pedersen, Andreas Giskeødegård, Andreas Skomedal, and Arne Dag Fidjestøl (partly).

Note information about exam and deadline for project at bottom of this page

Reading list year 2012

  1. HiPEAC Vision 2011/2012 , PDF, PPT presentation and more
  2. Green Computing: Saving Energy by Throttling, Simplicity and Parallelization, Lasse Natvig and Alexandru Iordan, in CEPIS Upgrade magazine, special Issue on Green ICT, november 2011. CEPIS paper, PDF
  3. Models and metrics to enable energy-efficiency optimizations, Suzanne Rivoire, Mehul A. Shah, Parthasarathy Ranganathan, Christos Kozyrakis, Justin Meza , Computer, December 2007 (ITSL = Made available to students thru Its Learning)
  4. Looking Back and Looking Forward: Power, Performance, and Upheaval, Hadi Esmaeilzadeh, Ting Cao, Xi Yang, Stephen M. Blackburn, and Kathryn S. McKinley, CACM July 2012 (ITSL)
  5. Amdahl's Law in the Multicore Era, M.D. Hill, M.R. Marty, Computer, July 2008 (ITSL)
  6. Real Time Power Estimation and Thread Scheduling via Performance Counters, Karan Singh, Major Bhadauria, Sally A. McKee, ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News archive, May 2009 (ITSL)
  7. Clearing the Clouds, A Study of Emerging Scale-out Workloads on Modern Hardware, Michael Ferdman et al, ASPLOS 2012 (ITSL)
  8. Designing Next-Generation Massively Multithreaded Architectures for Irregular Applications, Tumeo et al. , IEEE Computer August 2012. (ITSL)
  9. Memory-Link Compression Schemes: A Value Locality Perspective, Martin Thuresson, IEEE Transactions on Computers, July 2008 (ITSL)
  10. Decomposable and Responsive Power Models for Multi-core Processors using Performance Counters, ICS'10, Ramon Bertran, June 2010. (ITSL)
  11. Case Studies of Multi-core Energy Efficiency in Task Based Programs, Hallgeir Lien et al, In proc. of ICT-GLOW — ICT againts Global Warming, Vienna Sept 2012 (ITSL)

Meetings 2012

  • 23/8, ITV-464, Introduction by Lasse (slides)
  • 12/9, ITV-464: Paper 3 (Resp. Thomas, slides) and 4 (Resp. Alexandru, slides)
  • 10/10, 14:15-1600(max) in ITV-464: Paper 5 (Resp. Magnus, slides) and 6 (Resp. Christian, slides)
  • 24/10, 14:15-1600(max) in ITV-464: Paper 7 (Resp. Lars Ivar and Matthew, slides)
  • 31/10, 14:15-1600(max) in ITV-464: Paper 8 (Resp. Stian and Andreas S, slides) and paper 9 (Resp. Ole Kristian and Lars Martin, slides)
  • 14/11, 14:15-1600(max) in ITV-464: Paper 10 (Resp. Trond Inge and Lars Greger, slides and more slides)
  • 21/11, 14:15-1600(max) in ITV-464: Paper 1 (Resp. Haakon and Andreas, slides)

Papers 2 and 11 will be treated as self-study.

2013/08/29 20:28, Lasse Natvig