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 +====== TDT1 Energy Efficient Multicore Computing - 2013, history ======
 +The reading list is now final. We had a start-up meeting at September 16th. 
 +**The PP4EE seminar at 3 October is part of the course**. Videos of most of the presentations are now [[http://video.adm.ntnu.no/openVideo/serier/52526a41cfbad | here]]. Slides are available from the seminar-page [[http://research.idi.ntnu.no/multicore/seminar|here]]. The course has a project space under Its'learning. There you find a short specification of which seminar-slides is considered part of the course (relevant for exam).
 +**Meetings 2013**
 +(Paper numbers refer to the list below, Resp. is abbreviation for Responsible for presenting the paper in the meeting). Papers 1, 3 and 15 are self-study papers.
 +  * Monday 30/9, 15:15-17:00(max) in room 454: Paper 4 (Resp. Håkon Wikene & Matthew) {{::amdahls_law_in_the_multicore_era.pdf|slides}}, Paper 12 (Resp. Bjørn & Benjamin) slides [[https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1NVIp6O1rWt4z5gqUUbBf9qEFsTEp4-Tmih6UmJBV5Vw/edit?pli=1#slide=id.p|link]], and Paper 13 (Resp. Magnus W and Mayeul) {{::marcadella_walstad_tdt01.pdf| slides}}
 +  * Monday 14/10, 15:15-17:00(max) in room 454: Paper 7 (Terje S & Einar Johan) {{:real_time_power_estimation_and_thread_scheduling_via_performance_counters.pdf|slides}}, Paper 5 (Resp. Erik L & Jakob K) {{::presentation_paper_5_kumar_.pdf|slides}}, Paper 11 (Resp. Anders & Sebastian) {{::wire-speed_processor.pdf|slides}}
 +  * Monday 28/10, 15:15-17:00(max) in room 454: Paper 6 (Resp. Torbjørn & Christer) slides{{::tdt01_pres.pdf|slides}}, Paper 8 (Resp. Stian & Terje R.) {{::paper08.pdf|slides}}
 +  * Monday 4/11, 15:15-17:00(max) in room 454: Paper 9 (Resp. Joakim & Håkon A) {{::tdt01_-_paper_9_presentation.pdf|slides}}, Paper 10 (Resp. Erik S & Magnus U) {{::tdt1_-_presentation.pdf|slides}}
 +  * Monday 11/11, 15:15-17:00(max) in room 454: Paper 2 (Øivind & Eirik M) {{::tdt1_gpu_accelerated_fem-sa.pdf|slides}}, Paper 14 (Resp. Caroline & Jean Niklas) {{::memorylinkcompressionschemes.pdf|slides}} 
 +**Reading list:**  
 +  - **HiPEAC Roadmap 2013**, [[http://www.hipeac.net/system/files/hipeac_roadmap1_0.pdf|pdf]]
 +  - **GPU Acceleration for FEM-Based Structural Analysis**, [[http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11831-013-9082-8| link]], Serban Georgescu, Peter Chow and Hiroshi Okuda, Springer Verlag June 2013.
 +  - **Green Computing: Saving Energy by Throttling, Simplicity and Parallelization**, Lasse Natvig and Alexandru Iordan, in CEPIS Upgrade magazine, special Issue on Green ICT, november 2011. CEPIS paper, [[http://www.cepis.org/upgrade/media/natvig_2011_41.pdf|PDF]] (Lightweight introductory paper)
 +  - **Amdahl's Law in the Multicore Era**, M.D. Hill, M.R. Marty, Computer, July 2008 (ITSL = Made available to students thru Its Learning)
 +  - **Single-ISA Heterogeneous Multi-Core Architectures: The Potential for Processor Power Reduction**, Kumar et.al. MICRO 2003 (ITSL)
 +  - **Models and metrics to enable energy-efficiency optimizations**, Suzanne Rivoire et.al., Computer, December 2007 (ITSL)
 +  - **Real Time Power Estimation and Thread Scheduling via Performance Counters**, Karan Singh, Major Bhadauria, Sally A. McKee, ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News archive, May 2009 (ITSL) 
 +  - **Decomposable and Responsive Power Models for Multi-core Processors using Performance Counters**, ICS'10, Ramon Bertran et.al., June 2010. (ITSL)
 +  - **Complete System Power Estimation Using Processor Performance Events**, Bircher and John, IEEE Trans on comput, April 2012 (ITSL)
 +  - **Debunking the 100X GPU vs. CPU myth: an evaluation of throughput computing on CPU and GPU**, Lee et.al., ISCA 2010 (ITSL)
 +  - **Introduction to the wire-speed processor and architecture** H. Franke et.al., IBM J. RES. & DEV, Jan/Feb 2010 paper, (ITSL)
 +  - **Feedback-Driven Threading: Power-Efficient and High-Performance Execution of Multithreaded Workloads on CMPs **, Suleman et.al., ASPLOS'08 (ITSL)
 +  - **Case Studies of Multi-core Energy Efficiency in Task Based Programs**, Hallgeir Lien et al, In proc. of ICT-GLOW --- ICT againts Global Warming, Vienna Sept 2012 (ITSL)
 +  - **Memory-Link Compression Schemes: A Value Locality Perspective**, Martin Thuresson et.al., IEEE Transactions on Computers, July 2008 (ITSL)
 +  - **collection of slides** from Int'l seminar at 3. October, see note above, and see its'learning.

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