TDT1 Energy Efficient Multicore Computing - 2014 -

Meetings 2014 An administrative kick-off meeting with all the students was held at 17 Sept. 2014. Paper numbers refer to the list below, Resp. is abbreviation for responsible for presenting the paper in the meeting. Papers 1 and 13 are self-study papers.

  • 24/9, Paper 2 (Resp. Fedor & Eirik F), Paper 8 (Resp. Joakim H & Magnus)
  • 30/9, Paper 7
  • 14/10, Paper 4 (Resp. Torbjørn L and Kristian), and Paper 12 (Resp. Joakim S and Christian)
  • 21/10, Guest lecture by Terje Mathisen, Mill Computing and the Mill architecture. (See It's learning for slides)
  • 22/10, Paper 3 (Resp. Peter and Emil) and Paper 9 (Resp. Sebastian and Per Thomas)
  • 28/10, Paper 5 (Resp. Rune and Jørgen) and Paper 10 (Resp. Håvard)
  • 4/11, Paper 11 (Resp. Torbjørn F and Simen)
  • 11/11, Paper 6 (Resp. Sondre & Runar)

Both guest lectures are in collaboration with EECS.

Reading list 2014 The papers/items listed below are all part of the course. Some are only available from It's learning. Slides presented by students, available above, are NOT considered part of the course.

  1. HiPEAC Roadmap, PDF
  2. Reevaluating Amdahl's Law in the Multicore Era, Sun and Chen, 2009, PDF.
  3. Models and metrics to enable energy-efficiency optimizations, Suzanne Rivoire, Computer, December 2007 (ITSL = Made available to students thru Its Learning)
  4. Recipe for Efficiency: Principles of Power-Aware Computing, Parthasarathy Ranganathan CACM April 2010, fulltext
  5. Case Studies of Multi-core Energy Efficiency in Task Based Programs, Hallgeir Lien et al, In proc. of ICT-GLOW — ICT againts Global Warming, Vienna Sept 2012 (ITSL)
  6. Feedback-Driven Threading: Power-Efficient and High-Performance Execution of Multithreaded Workloads on CMPs , Suleman, ASPLOS 2008 (ITSL)
  7. Getting Ready for Approximate Computing: Trading Parallelism for Accuracy for DSS Workloads, Pedro Trancoso, Computing Frontiers 2014 (ITSL)
  8. Single-ISA Heterogeneous Multi-Core Architectures: The Potential for Processor Power Reduction, Kumar MICRO 2003 (ITSL)
  9. Decomposable and Responsive Power Models for Multi-core Processors using Performance Counters, Ramon Bertran, ICS 2010. (ITSL)
  10. Tibidabo: Making the Case for an ARM Based HPC System Nikola Rajovic et. al., Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 36, July 2014, Pages 322–334 (ITSL)
  11. Energy Efficient HPC on Embedded SoCs: Optimization Techniques for Mali GPU Ivan Grasso, IPDPS 2014 (ITSL)
  12. Comparing The Power and Performance of Intel's SCC to State-of-the-Art CPUs and GPUs, Ehsan Totoni, ISPASS 2012 PDF
  13. Mill computing Selection of slides from guest lecture by Terje Mathisen. Available under It's learning.

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