TDT1 Architecture of Computing Systems 2015

The multiple choice test will be 2nd of December at 9:00h in room 454 (IDI main lunchroom)

The KICK-OFF meeting for the course will be 18th of September at 14:15h in room 454 (IDI main lunchroom)


  • 29/09 14:15-16:00 room S22 (with Stefano): Paper 2.1 (Torkel) and Paper 2.2 (Eirik og Christopher)
  • 06/10 14:15-16:00 room S22 (with Lasse): Paper 1.1 (Stian) and Paper 1.2 (Sindre M.)
  • 13/10 14:15-16:00 room 454 IT-building (with Lasse): Paper 1.3 (Inge Edward) and Paper 1.4 (Håvard)
  • 20/10 14:15-16:00 room 454 IT-building (with Stefano): Paper 2.3 (Julian) and Paper 2.4 (Christoffer og Kristian)
  • 27/10 14:15-16:00 room 454 IT-building (with Stefano): Paper 2.5a-2.5b (Mikkel) and Paper 2.6 (Aleksander og Audun)
  • 03/11 14:15-16:00 room 454 IT-building (with Lasse): Paper 1.5 (Gard Sebastian) and Paper 1.6 (Yulong og Sindre F.)

This is a new topic that will contain two equally sized parts:

1- Modern computing architectures (Lasse): with focus on multicores and energy efficient computing.

  • 1.1 Models and metrics to enable energy-efficiency optimizations, Suzanne Rivoire, Computer, December 2007 (ITSL = Made available to students thru Its Learning) (Stian)
  • 1.2 Case Studies of Multi-core Energy Efficiency in Task Based Programs, Hallgeir Lien et al, In proc. of ICT-GLOW — ICT againts Global Warming, Vienna Sept 2012 (ITSL) (Sindre M.)
  • 1.3 Feedback-Driven Threading: Power-Efficient and High-Performance Execution of Multithreaded Workloads on CMPs, Suleman, ASPLOS 2008 (ITSL) (Inge Edward)
  • 1.4 Single-ISA Heterogeneous Multi-Core Architectures: The Potential for Processor Power Reduction, Kumar MICRO 2003 (ITSL) (Håvard)

* 1.5 Decomposable and Responsive Power Models for Multi-core Processors using Performance Counters, Ramon Bertran, ICS 2010. (ITSL) (Gard Sebastian)

  • 1.6 Optimized Hardware for Suboptimal Software: The Case for SIMD-aware Benchmarks, J M Cebrian et. al., ISPASS 2014 (Yulong og Sindre F.)

2- Unconventional computing architectures (Stefano,,

Current and future research on new alternative computing architectures that go beyond the traditional Turing/von Neumann paradigm:

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