TDT1 Architecture of Computing Systems 2016

TDT1 is a specialisation course focusing on specialist topics within computer architecture. This year's version will cover two main topics: (1) Heterogeneous computer architectures and (2) Evaluation of computer architectures.

Course responsible: Magnus Jahre

Students 2016: Peder Voldnes Langdal, Tom aan de Wiel, Salahuddin Asjad, Ilse Visser, Torgeir Woldstad Skogen, Tony Chau, Fredrik Berdon Haave, Andreas Molund, Øyvind Robertsen, Tore Angell Petersen, Fredrik Pe Ingebrigtsen, Anders Lima, Peter Aaser and Aleksander Wasaznik.

If you are not on this list, but intend to follow TDT1 you need to contact Magnus ASAP.


  • 05/09-16 1000-1100 (ITV-354): Startup meeting
  • 22/09-16 1400-1500 (ITV-354): Discussion of papers 2 and 3
  • 29/09-16 1400-1500 (ITV-354): Discussion of papers 4 and 5
  • 20/10-16 1400-1500 (ITV-354): Discussion of papers 6, 7 and 8
  • 03/11-16 1400-1500 (ITV-354): Discussion of papers 9 and 10

The final test will be 1. December 2016 from 0930 to 1030 in ITV-454.

Directions to ITV-354

Slides from the presentations (NTNU user account required)

Reading list

Note: To access the full versions of the papers from IEEE and ACM you need to have an NTNU IP address. If you are not on campus, try VPN or a terminal server.


Computer Architecture Evaluation:

Heterogeneous Systems and Accelerators:

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