Previous Computer Design Projects

2014: Demolicious, a GPU-inspired Architecture

The assignment in 2014 was to build a GPU-inspired architecture, and Demolicious, the first TDT4295 project with a working HDMI output, rose to the challenge.

2013: Multiple-Instruction Multiple-Data

In 2013 there were two groups, each of which constructed their MIMD-architecture with a different focus. In the energy efficiency group the theme was audio processing. The project was named Bitless. The Bitless system is an energy efficient MIMD architecture aimed at real time digital audio processing:

The performance group named their system Barricelli after the Norwegian-Italian mathematician. Besides being a general computer the Barricelli system is designed to be a high performance parallel genetic algorithm computer:

2012: Array based Parallel Image Processor

There were two groups in 2012 due to high demand. One of the groups focused on achieving maximum performance, whereas the other aimed at energy efficiency.

The performance group made 256 Shades of Gray:

The energy efficiency group made Fortitudo Floris:

2011: Festina Lente, the image processor

2010: aMac, the dataflow machine

2009: Amigo64, the vector processor

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