Tutorial for the Logic Analyzer

The CARD group has acquired two USB logic analyzers from Saleae Logic. The goal of this tutorial is to learn how to use one of these to observe output from a known pin. Note that this tutorial is rather loosely specified in comparison to the others, and it can be advantageous to complete the other tutorials before to better understand the other tools involved.


  1. Create a design that generates a signal pattern of your choice. This can be done on the FPGA or the microcontroller development boards. For instance, you can try monitoring what an USART or I2C transmission looks like on the logic level.
  2. Connect the USB logic analyzer to the signal generator and observe the pattern using the «Logic» application. When you are able to observe the expected signal patterns, you are done with this tutorial.

Useful Resources

2014/08/18 16:25, Yaman