Dr Heri Ramampiaro

Wednesday 6th of February 2002 Heri Ramampiaro defended his thesis "CAGISTrans: Adaptable Transactional Support for Cooperative Work" for the degree of dr.ing. (PhD). Supervisor: Professor Mads Nygaard. The committee: Dr. Henry F. Korth, Director, Bell Laboratories & Lucent Technologies, USA, Professor Michel Adiba, Université Joseph Fourier, IMAG - Maison Jean Kuntzmann, France, and Professor Kjell Bratbergsengen, NTNU. Click on the photos to see bigger versions. Photos: Svein-Olaf Hvasshovd and Roger Midtstraum. Web design: Roger Midtstraum.

Heri explains about Multidatabases

Heri knows his pointer technique

Former rectors on the wall

Bratbergsengen, Adiba and Korth

I think this is going quite well...

Michel Adiba


Some of the audience

Will he ever make it to the wall?

Dr Ramampiaro with committee and supervisor

Michel Adiba and Hank Korth, together with Kjell Bratbergsengen, was the comittee for Mads' Dr.Techn. thesis twelve years ago.

Grethe and Heri and twins (to be born late March or early April)

On Heri's door in the afternoon
(in Norwegian)

Sist endret 6. februar 2002