The Creation of Dr Nørvåg

Monday 28th of August 2000 Kjetil Nørvåg defended his thesis for the degree of (PhD). This made him our first database doctor in the new century or possibly the last one in the old:-) Title of the thesis: "VAGABOND - The Design and Analysis of a Temporal Object Database Management System". Supervisor: prof. Kjell Bratbergsengen. Oponents: Prof. Malcolm Atkinson, University of Glasgow, prof. David DeWitt, University of Wisconsin and prof. Svein Olaf Hvasshovd, Clustra/NTNU. Click on the photos to see bigger versions. Photos and web design by Roger Midtstraum.

The committee members. From left to right: professors Atkinson, DeWitt, Hvasshovd and Bratbergsengen.

Kjetil on the floor.

New slide.

Malcolm Atkinson

David DeWitt

Let me see...

Atkinson and DeWitt

Svein-Olaf Hvasshovd

Dr Nørvåg I presume

Sist endret 30. august 2000