From Maitrayi to Dr Sabaratnam

Monday 19th of November 2001 Maitrayi Sabaratnam defended her thesis "Improving Dependability in Database Management Systems" for the degree of (PhD). This was a landmark occasion as she was our first female database doctor. Sadly, there is no second one comming in the foreseeable future. Supervisors: Professor Kjell Bratbergsengen and Øystein Torbjørnsen. Oponents: Professor Henrique Madeira, University of Coimbra in Portugal, Associate Professor Randi Karlsen, University of Tromsø, and Professor Tor Stålhane, NTNU. Click on the photos to see bigger versions. Photos and web design by Roger Midtstraum.

Maitrayi Sabaratnam

The committee members. From left to right: Professors Stålhane, Madeira, Karlsen and Bratbergsengen.

Kjell Bratbergsengen


Henrique Madeira

You see...


Stålhane, Madeira and Bratbergsengen.

Randi Karlsen

I've got a good answer

Tor Stålhane

The happy ending - from left to right: Øystein Torbjørnsen, Madeira, Dr Sabaratnam, Karlsen, Stålhane and Bratbergsengen.




Sist endret 20.november 2001