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The Software Engineering Group (SE - SU in Norwegian) is one of six thematic groups at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI)   (slides in English of 7Dec06) and   (in Norwegian of Dec07).

The group has six teachers, four adjunct teachers, four postdocs/researchers, and xx PhD students, with five new ones starting in 2008, and four graduating in 2007. A common core curriculum has been defined in empirical research methods. Please contact us, if you are interested in joining!

The research profile of the group covers the field of software quality and software process improvement (SPI), as well as process modelling, software architecture, configuration management, software reuse and COTS/OSS, software and art, computer games, and mobile and cooperative technology. The group conducts experiments and case studies with students and in industry. A total of 20 MSc courses are taught each year, of which five are project-based and two concerns SPI.

Since 1972 the SU group has produced over 750 (mainly) international and national publications, with over 600 from 1993 and later. Since 1990, 25 PhD candidates have graduated.

What's new

Short presentation of UBIS section, incl. SU group, to 4th year students on 9 May 2008 -- NEW (.ppt - 3033 KB).
Kontaktmøte 7. april 2008 med mulige partnere om nasjonal forskerskole i Store programvare-intensive systemer -- NY (.html).
NEW! SU status and plans at IDI planning seminar on 10 May 2010 (.ppt -- 3 KB).
SU presentation of 30 Aug. 2007 (.ppt -- 460 KB).
SU presentation of 22 Aug. 2007 (.ppt -- 456 KB).
SU presentation of 16 Nov. 2006 (.ppt -- 687 KB).
SU presentation of 9. Sept. 2003 (.ppt -- 95 KB)   (.pdf -- 108 KB).

Some relevant SU information:

Reidar Conradi: "Research in Software Engineering - methods, theories, ... basta o cerchiamo?" (.ppt 404 KB), SU PhD seminar, 23 Nov. 2007, 53 p.
Reidar Conradi: "On the utility of 10 citation databases for scientific papers".
Initial archive on empirical studies.

Open Source Software (OSS) activities in SU group.
OSS wiki pages for SU group.

Reidar Conradi (red.): "Dataproblemer (computer risks) i Norge og andre land" (.html).

Guest talks at SU group i Norge: (catalog in .html).

List over all external projects in SU group.
Student pre-master reports and master theses since 2001.

EBSE file list and drafted evaluation paper -- in progress..

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This old homepage at NEW HOMEPAGE: will soon be merged with the new homepage of the SU-group at
These two pages should be cross-linked in the start.

------- To go from the old to the new SE webpages,
        we need a modest workplan to provide the following:

     0. Establish a minimal, common "IDI/SE web-standard",
        reusing existing (?) web-templates and -guidelines to
        sketch a simple and well-structured web-architecture.

        The modest goal is to primarily support SE-group persons,
        own students, and non-NTNU users with pragmatical "tool"
        to access our present and future information resources,
        including a mix of own and publications.

     1. Typical operations will be - through a GUI - to search, retrieve,
        modify, (re)format, display, and update information
        items such as text, pictures, colors, video, animations, ...
        Try reusing public (free) search engines?
        Should consult with  ITEA's "Calle", FIM web-master Andersen and
        IDI web-master Dragland, IDI's technical group, ...
        Above all: let this be a modest undertaking.
     2. What info shall be covered by which level - SE, IDI, FIM, NTNU?
          General info and intro -- see new/old webpage + update.
              -- NB: Delete ugly .ppt-files on first page of old webpage.
          Persons: profs, reseachers, PhD students and candidates,
                   master students, guests, alumni, ...
                   -- both new/old SE homepage.
          Courses given: w/ links to official NTNU/IDI pages + SE-addons
                   -- old SE homepage,
          Research: areas and plans, projects, ...
                   -- both new/old SE homepage, textual merge?
          Research publications: papers, books, PhD theses, ...
                   -- need to discuss, by a case study??
          Educational docs: student lists, compendia, books, exercizes.
                   -- old SE homepage + IDI/NTNU stuff
                   -- standardize?  need to discuss.
          Budgets? -- IDI level provides support
          Events - past and upcoming:
                   -- FIM/IDI level provides support (Innsida)
          Project/Group meetings: agenda, resumes, ... now ad-hoc.

        Start-up: group meeting.
        Talk to ITEA's "Calle",
            and to FIM web-master Andersen and IDI web-master Dragland.

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