Trondheim 29. Feb. 2008, rev. 1. and 2. March 2008

Reidar Conradi et al., IDI, NTNU:
Proposal for a PhD-researcher school on Open Source Software at IDI

Some terminology:
Freeware = gratis software, but usually only as executable code with no source.
FLSS = Free or "Libre" Source Software (always comes with a strict GPL licence, but often executable),
OSS = Open Source Software (ca. 50 licensing schemes),
COTS = Commercial-Off-The-Shelf,
OTS = COTS + OTS = Off-The-Shelf.

R. Conradi: The origins of OSS: some snapshots of Internet history.

R. Conradi et al.: Some OSS actvities in IDI's software engineering (SU) group.

Conclusion: Start a researcher school on OSS at NTNU, hosted by IDI

Abstract: Approach: More on context and motivation:

General motivation for OSS activities

Massive impact on today's software practices and business models, with interesting couplings with and spin-offs to many other disciplines: Roles around OSS: We will focus on integrator role 2 and developer role 3-4, and need to study all this from the perspective of:

IDI background in OSS activities

Previous and future OSS projects for SU group: Six persons on OSS activities in SU group: prof.s Reidar Conradi and Letizia Jaccheri, PhD students Øyvind Hauge and Thomas Østerlie, researchers Sven Ziemer and Jingyue Li, plus 4-5 senior master students doing their theses.
This is the largest, academic OSS group in Norway, and we have a long tradition for cooperation with industry.
Ca. 50 published papers on OSS by SU group since year 2000, of totally 450 scientific and peer-reviewed papers in the same period.
See (group home page) and (publication list). Some recommended ones are:

Educational activities around OSS:

OSS R&D activities in other IDI groups:

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