B    Interview Guide Used in PA30

Appendix B contains the interview guide used for the two interviews conducted as a part of investigating the PA30 project (reported in section 2.3). The intention of providing the guide is to inform the reader of the kind of information that was discussed (or rather, intended to be discussed) during the interviews.

B.1    Using the Guide

The guide was used with discretion, in the sense that the interviews were closer to dialogues than interviews. The questions were not asked one by one in the strict sequence provided here, but rather worked as a checklist on what could possibly be interesting to know about the restructuring project. The main reason for this was the role played by the project as a means to gain more understanding of enterprise modeling practice. The questions were formulated after informal discussions with one of the project team participants.

There were two students interviewing, leaving one of the students to write while the other student asked or commented. Answers were not taped, but the notes were written out the day following the interview.

Three persons were interviewed: First two of the project team actors (approximately two hours), followed by a workers' union representative (about one hour).

B.2    The Guide


Implementation of the project






Evaluation of this kind of projects