1.    Introduction to the Research Project

This introductory chapter is mainly devoted to motivating for enterprise modeling as the theme of the research project, and a thorough discussion of research questions, objectives and research approach.

The outcome of the chapter is an outline of why, what and how the research project is conducted: The why part is answered by the motivation, what is condensed into the research questions, and how is outlined in discussions of the research approach.

1.1 Motivation
1.2 Research Questions and Objectives
1.2.1 On the formulation of research questions
1.2.2 The research questions and objectives
1.2.3 Central terms and their meaning
1.3 Research Approach
1.3.1 Four alternative approaches
1.3.2 Outline of a research approach
1.3.3 Outline of the accomplished research process
1.4 Presentation of the Research Project
1.4.1 Implications of research approach on presentation
1.4.2 Thesis outline
1.5 Concluding Remarks