4. Related Areas of Research and Practice

Enterprise modeling is a topic within very diverse areas of both research and practice. The consequence was illustrated in section 3.1: The term has a variety of different connotations and there are a number of terms with more or less similar meaning. Terms and concepts differ from area to area.

Chapter 4 provides an overview of some established areas of research and practice considered as appropriate examples of enterprise modeling as discipline. The areas are discussed in terms of the taxonomies developed in chapter 3, i.e., according to purpose of modeling and type of work that is modeled.

The main conclusion from the survey is that depending on area, there are different challenges and opportunities considered relevant to enterprise modeling. Although it hardly is surprising, it must be acknowledged, as it indicates why different communities of researchers and practitioners advocate different approaches to modeling.

4.1 Introduction to the Survey
4.1.1 Limitations of the assessments
4.1.2 Criteria for being included in the survey
4.1.3 Presentation of the areas
4.2 Software Engineering (SE)
4.3 Information Systems Engineering (ISE)
4.4 Knowledge Engineering (KE)
4.5 Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
4.6 Concurrent Engineering (CE)
4.7 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
4.8 Workflow Management (WM)
4.9 System Dynamics (SD)
4.10 Concluding Remarks