6. The Technology Strategy Project

The main rationale for conducting another empirical study was to investigate in more detail the process of enterprise modeling. However, as a modeling process is inseparable from its purposes, resulting models and enacting organization, those were studied as well. This is also reflected in the research questions in section 1.2.2.

The project being subject for investigation is a technology strategy project conducted within Statoil. Enterprise models and modeling were assigned central roles in both the development and dissemination of the strategy. Observations from this study, together with results from the initial empirical studies (part I), comprise the main foundation for the principles for enterprise modeling to be outlined in chapter 7.

Due to the sensitive nature of the project, parts of the project material are confidential. Hence, some aspects of the project (in particular, strategic decisions that make up the core contents of the strategy document) are not discussed. This does not affect the conclusions of the investigations, even if presentation and use of examples will suffer to some degree.

6.1 Introduction to the Study
6.1.1 Why study the project?
6.1.2 How the project was studied
6.1.3 Presentation of the project
6.2 An Outline of the Project
6.2.1 Introduction to the strategy project
6.2.2 Meetings as the main way-of-working
6.3 Stage I: Preparations
6.3.1 Project kick-off
6.3.2 Further preparations
6.3.3 Feedback from the customer
6.3.4 Concluding the preparation stage
6.4 Stage II: Developing the Foundations of the Final Strategy
6.4.1 Workshop 1: Establishing the work groups
6.4.2 Enterprise modeling in WG Gas
6.4.3 Workshop 2: Aligning the work groups
6.4.4 Activities in the process group
6.4.5 Concluding the divergent stage
6.5 Stage III: Integration and Formulation of the Final Deliverables
6.5.1 Workshop 3: Dissemination and feedback
6.5.2 The technology strategy document
6.5.3 Developing the final deliverable
6.5.4 Leaving the technology strategy project
6.6 Additional Observations, Analysis and Reflections
6.6.1 Groups of actors
6.6.2 Intended and actual use of enterprise modeling
6.6.3 The process of enterprise modeling
6.6.4 The artifacts of enterprise modeling
6.7 Concluding Remarks