7    Enterprise Modeling Principles

The empirical studies in chapter 6 and to some degree chapter 2 represent a comprehensive account of enterprise modeling practice. Still, the main focus so far has been on description of practice and to some degree interpretation in terms of the theories presented in chapter 3.

The purpose of chapter 7 is to formulate and reflect upon some lessons learned from the empirical studies. This is done by first developing a terminology of some concepts considered central to the perspective taken in this thesis, followed by a set of principles for enterprise modeling. The principles are supported by grounding them in observations from the empirical studies and to some degree by research reported elsewhere.

The principles are formulated in order to meet research objective RO1 from section 1.2.2. As a summary of lessons learned, they represent the foundation for development of a framework for enterprise modeling in part IV of the thesis. As such, the principles may also be considered a "requirements specification".

7.1 A Terminology of Enterprise Modeling
7.1.1 An overview of terms
7.1.2 A description of terms
7.2 Assertions About Enterprise Modeling
7.2.1 Perceived challenges of enterprise modeling
7.2.2 The enterprise model development phase
7.2.3 The enterprise model dissemination phase
7.3 Concluding Remarks