Part I
In Search of a Problem

The main concern of part I is to develop an understanding of the phenomenon that is to be investigated: What is the problem, why is it a problem and how is the problem investigated? 

Chapter 1 provides a motivation for the research project, and presents the overall research questions and objectives. Alternative research approaches are discussed, followed by an outline of the chosen strategy: A qualitative, observational, interpretive approach. 

Chapter 2 presents an overview of three initial empirical studies of enterprise modeling. The studies were conducted in order to develop an understanding of enterprise modeling practice in a real world organization, and to identify issues perceived to be problematic within enterprise modeling. 

In chapter 3 fundamental conceptual and philosophical issues underlying enterprise modeling in general are discussed. The body of theories is chosen so as to be consistent with observations from the initial empirical studies. 

The primary outcome of part I is a firm basis for understanding the problems under investigation.