Part II
State-of-the-Art of Enterprise Modeling 

Part I has provided some insights into enterprise modeling from both a practical and a theoretical point of view. The main objective of part II is to provide an overview of some existing areas and approaches to enterprise modeling and discuss them with the insights from part I in mind. 

In chapter 4, a coarse overview of eight general areas of research and practice is provided. A characteristic they have in common is their perceived relevance to this research project, as they either explicitly speak of enterprise modeling or focus on matters that may reasonably be categorized as enterprise modeling. 

Chapter 5 presents and discusses nine concrete frameworks for enterprise modeling. The frameworks are a mix of academic, industrial and commercial approaches, and are discussed in terms of the theories from chapter 3 to see how they fit the perspective taken on enterprise modeling in this thesis. 

The main outcome of the discussion of state-of-the-art of enterprise modeling is an understanding of how some contemporary approaches prescribe enterprise modeling and how these may fit the view on enterprise modeling taken in this thesis.