Part III
The Main Empirical Study

Based on the three initial empirical studies and the theoretical discussion of enterprise modeling, the perspective on enterprise modeling as a process has been motivated. The overall objective of part III is to investigate in more detail activities that may constitute a part of enterprise modeling practice. 

In chapter 6, the main empirical study is presented: Enterprise modeling as an integrated part of a technology strategy development project in Statoil. The project is particularly relevant as it involves both modeling of the Statoil corporation and modeling of the project work itself, posing different challenges. 

Chapter 7 provides a terminology of the most central concepts emerging from the empirical studies, followed by a number of lessons learned formulated in terms of principles for enterprise modeling. The principles summarize how enterprise modeling has been performed in the projects studied in this research project. 

The outcome of part III is thus an understanding of how enterprise modeling has been performed in the studied projects, both in terms of a detailed account of a strategy development project and a number of lessons learned distilled from the projects.