Part IV
A Framework for Enterprise Modeling

The motivation for part IV can be condensed into the following question: 

"Assume that we accept the principles and considerations concerning enterprise modeling as outlined in chapter 7. But so what? How may this help us in our enterprise modeling efforts? How do we proceed from here?" 

In chapter 8, a framework for enterprise modeling is outlined, being in accordance with the principles presented in chapter 7. A series of guidelines and techniques are discussed at a high level of abstraction. 

Chapter 9 provides an overview of a pool of techniques that may be applied in the enterprise model development phase for creation of intermediate artifacts. The techniques are characterized by being of limited extent, relatively simple to learn, and focussed on sense-making in teams. An illustration of how the techniques may be combined is also given. 

The outcome of part IV is a proposition to a framework for enterprise modeling when the perspective on enterprise modeling is as knowledge production and use, enterprise models are considered to be devices for structuring, and the modeling process is dominated by human sense-making and communication.