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Planned release-date 11/97

9.jun.1997: Created this webpage

PHOENIX is a cocktail of realtime-3D-dogfight,
adventure and trading simulation.

Here it is what you all have been waiting for:
Finally you will get a decent WingCommander style
game with elements of ELITE for AMIGA.
Phoenix is based on the latest, hottest fully
textured polygon-engine for Amiga created by
Markus Poellmann (programmer of Flyin High)

For a detailed description CLICK HERE!

Go to Markus Poellmann's Phoenix webpage

  • A1200/4000
  • 6830/50MHz or better
  • 4 MB RAM
  • Harddisk/CD-Drive
  • Features:
  • 256 throughout
  • state-of-the-art 3-D-engine
  • raytraced stills and animations
  • Adventure, Action and Trading based on a linear storyline
  • many different characters
  • more than 15 planets to fly to
  • more than 15 goods to deal with
  • TCP/IP-support (planned)
  • 2 years of development
  • Supported:
  • Better processor (68040-68060) for better 3D-performance.
  • Graphicscard
  • Multisync monitor
  • more RAM
  • This game is provided by APC&TCP

    Note that I don't work with the Phoenix-project.
    I am only interested in this work.

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