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I personally much prefer to work with my students on research projects rather than expose myself to the media. However, as an educator in science and technology, I realize how important it is to reach out to the press to let the rest of the world know about how exciting and interesting our fields are, and how important our work is for everyone.

Here is a collection of recent mass media interviews I have given, and articles I have written, mostly in Norwegian.

Most recent:

TV interviews w/ Elster

A link to the above streamed video is currently (Dec. 4, 2006) available from NTNU's main home page.

Radio interviews w/ Elster

National media -- print

Articles based on Elster's interview about the Njord Supercomputer with Avisenes nyhetsbyrå (ANB)

(ANB is a Norwegian news agency feeding local newspapers throughout Norway)

Adresseavisen -- Trondheim's regional paper sold nationally

Local papers

Articles based on Elster's interview about the Njord Supercomputer with Avisenes nyhetsbyrå (ANB) on Nov. 30, 2006, all published within the following week:

(ANB is a Norwegian news agenecy feeding local newspapers throughout Norway)
  1. Akershus Amtstidene
  2. Arbeidets Rett (Røros)
  3. Aura Avis
  4. Aust Agder Blad
  5. Avisa Nordhordland (Isdalstø)
  6. Avisa Nordland (Bodø)
  7. Bergensavisen
  8. Bygdeposten (midt i Buskerud)
  9. Demokraten (Fredrikstad)
  10. Finnmark Dagblad
  11. Finnmarken
  12. Firda (Førde)
  13. Firdaposten (Flora og Bremanger)
  14. Fremover (Narvik)
  15. Glåmdalen
  16. Hadeland
  17. Halden Dagblad
  18. Hardanger Folkeblad
  19. Helgeland Arbeiderblad
  20. Indre Akershus Blad
  21. Jarlsberg (Holmestrand)
  22. Lofotposten
  23. Moss Dagblad
  24. Namdalsavisa
  25. Nordlys (Tromsø)
  26. Opdalingen
  27. Oppland Arbeiderbald
  28. Porsgrunns Dagbad (PD)
  29. Rana Blad (Mo i Rana)
  30. Ringerikets Blad
  31. Rogalands Avis
  32. Romerikes Blad
  33. Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad
  34. Smaalenenes Avis
  35. Sogn Avis
  36. Stjørdalens Blad
  37. TA (tidl. Telemark Arbeiderblad)
  38. Tidens Krav (Kristiansund paper)
  39. Tvedestrandposten
  40. Østlandsposten (Larvik)
  41. Øyene (Oslofjorden)

New Supercomputer at NTNU, November 2006:

Our celebration on campus on Nov. 30, 2006, included several short talks on interesting uses of supercomputing.

Articles in Universitetsavisa (NTNU paper)

About/interviews with Elster:

Articles written by Elster:

Other news articles re. Njord, many based on NTNU's press release :

(Elster not necessarily mentioned)

Other reports by Elster of general interest

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