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I have a passion for teaching.   As can be seen below, I now teach two 3rd-year/4th year courses that are challenging, but very popular (> 50 students in a dept with ca 100 students/year). Both courses have a heavy programming component which I feel strongly contributes to the success of these courses. In addition to the list of the courses I have taught, I have also included a “Teaching Highlights” below that include comments re. specific course developments etc.



I have completed the PEDUP (PEDagogical Development Program put together for NTNU faculty. I joined this program in 2001/2002 which included a general part estimated to take 50 work-hours and two smaller modules which are estimated to take 25 hours each. I  selected PBL (Problem-Based Learning) and “Teaching in Larger Groups” as these modules. A longer report was also submitted which is being reworked as aconference/journal teaching article.

Teaching experience:

Courses currently being taught (2011/2012):

I have not only taught all the following course, but also developed a lot of the course material, included updated programming and problem sets for each semester. As mentioned, I have a passion for teaching. J


·      DT8117 Grid Technology and Heterogeneous Computing -- PhD-level course talk every other year. This is a PhD course where we currently primarily focus on Heterogeneous and GPU computing by also cover related GRID and Cloud technology. Students do related Problems sets.

·      TDT 4200 Parallel Computing(Fall 2011)

See above for the history of this course and below for older versions. Currently includes several programming assignments in MPI, OpenMP + threads and CUDA (GPU) programming. May also include an assignment OpenCL this semester. GPU assignments made possible by donations from NVIDIA. Over 50 students currently registered.

·      TDT 4200 Parallel Computing (Fall 2009)

·      TDT 4200 Parallel Computing (Spring 2009)

·      TDT 4200 Parallel Computing (Spring 2008)

·      TDT 4200 Parallel Computing (Spring 2007)

·      TDT 4200 Parallel Computing (Spring 2006)

·      TDT 4200 Parallel Computing (Spring 2004)

·      SIF 8044 Parallel Computing (Spring 2003)


·      TDT 24 Parallel Environments & Numerical Methods (Fall 2011)

Graduate seminar-style course for 5th year master students. The course includes a crash-course in matrix basics and iterative methods, then several recent articles on GPU computing and related articles to the students’ project. Current enrollment: 10 students + 4 audits. Link to previous versions:

·      TDT 24 Parallel Environments & Numerical Methods (Fall 2009)

·      TDT 24 Parallel Environments & Numerical Methods (Fall 2008)

·      TDT 24 Parallel Environments & Numerical Methods (Fall 2007)

·      TDT 24 Parallel Environments & Numerical Methods (Fall 2006)

·      TDT 24 Parallel Environments & Numerical Methods (Fall 2003)

·      TDT 24 Parallel Environments & Numerical Methods (Fall 2002)

·      TDT 24 Parallel Environments & Numerical Methods (Fall 2001)


·      TDT 4205 Compilers/Kompilatorteknikk ( Spring 2010)

See above for ow I developed this course.  Current attendance: 50+

·      TDT 4205-1 Compilers/Kompilatorteknikk (Fall 2008)

·      TDT 4205-1 Compilers/Kompilatorteknikk (Fall 2007)

·      TDT 4205-1 Compilers/Kompilatorteknikk (Fall 2006)


·      DIF 8916 -- Topics in Computer and Information Science (Spring 2001) -- PhD research techniques course which I helped develop. Includes the NTNU CSGSC (Computer Science Graduate Student Conference) series that I founded. Last year (2010) I received a plaque from the students for its success and 10th year anniversary.


·      SIF 8041 -- Operating Systems & Databases (Spring 2001)


Courses taught at Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA (ECE, CS and Math):

·      EE 360 "Conference course" (individuelt lesepensum) on "Special Problems in Parallel Computing" (Spring 2002). The student is now in the Computer Science Ms/PhD Program at Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

·      Supervised EE 464H -- ECE Honors Student Project,(Summer 2001).

This course led to student taking a 4-moth extended summer job at NTNU + paper at PARA 2002.

·      EE 360P -- Operating Systems (Fall 2000)

·      EE 360C -- Data Structures in C++ (CS7) (Summer 2000)

·      CS/M 393N -- Numerical Solutions to Elliptic Partial Differential Equations (Spring 1999)
-- a second level grad. course on iterative PDE methods (lectured for Dr. David M. Young)

·      M 340L (Spring 1999) -- Linear Algebra for non-math majors. -- Assisted with exams and gave several guest lectures.

·      CS 328 -- Abstract Data Types (CS7, incl. graph algorithms) (Summer 1998) -- taught in C++.

·      CS 315 -- Data Structures (CS2)(Summer 1997) -- taught in C++.


Course taught through Acenor Inc.:


Teaching Highlights:











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