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My main field of research is languages, methods and tools for Model-based User Interface Design (MB-UID). In my thesis I designed languages for both task and dialog modelling, called Taskmodl and Diamodl, respectively, and I'm currently researching how these may fit (better) with current industrial practice.

I consider it important that the models I develop support software engineering work and not just analysis. Hence, I focus on Model-driven Engineering of systems in general and user interface in particular. I've put a lot of work into an Eclipse-based modelling tool and runtime for Diamodl, which I hope to make a first release of in 2007.

My second line of research is tool support for Java programming courses. I've developed an Eclipse plugin called JExercise, which supports the student when doing programming exercises. The basic idea is to design an exercise as a set of precise and testable requirements. Based on a model of the exercise and a set of JUnit tests for every requirement, the plugin lets the student run the tests for any requirement and view their progress and current score. We are currently working on server support for receiving and grading exercises, and are also looking into using it on more formal tests and exams. JExercise is open source and has it's own home page.

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