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This page includes instructions for downloading and installing the graphical Diamodl editor, as well as sample models.

TDT4250 release

The current release is named TDT4250, after the course where it is used. It is packaged as a zip file containing the set of features and plugin that is needed on top of Europa and GMF:


The Diamodl editor feature require the Europa release with GMF. The easiest way to install it from scratch is to download the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers release and use the update mechanism to install the GMF plugins.

  1. Download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers from Eclipse downloads and install it in a fresh directory. If you already have a similar release installed, this step may be skipped.
  2. Use the update feature to download GMF, as follows: Select Help→Software Updates→Find and Install…→Search for new features to install and select the Europa Discovery site. This searches for available plugins. Open the tree node named Models and Model Development and select the Graphical Modelling Framework node. Click the Select Required button to auto-select the plugins that GMF itself requires (this may take some time). Install the selected features/plugins by following the wizard. At the end you are asked if you want to restart. Instead you should complete step 3 first.
  3. Install the Diamodl editor feature by extracting the content of into the eclipse directory of your Eclipse installation. After doing this you must restart Eclipse. To really be sure Eclipse notices the new diamodl features (plugins), you may have to start Eclipse with the -clean option. A sign that this is necessary is that the diamodl_diagram files have no diamodl icon.
  4. Test the installation by downloading and importing the browser and mail examples into a project in your workspace. To import select File→Import… and select General→Archive file. Then browse to the downloaded zip-file, select the folder to put the zip content into and Finish, and you should see an example folder appear.

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