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JExercise is an Eclipse plugin that supports a student (or anyone learning Java programming using Eclipse) in doing Java exercises. The goal of JExercise is to support the learning process, by breaking an exercise into a precise set of testable requirements and provide feedback to the student about the progress. By precisely specifying the requirements of classes and methods that the student must write, focus is put on two important aspect of programming: 1) you should know in advance what the code should do, and 2) the code has little value unless it implements the specification correctly. By specifying testable requirements, we make it possible to use Eclipse's integrated support for JUnit-testing to actually test the student's code. And by giving feedback on each step towards a completed exercise, the student will hopefully feel less insecure and more motivated.

Note that JExercise does not understand the student's code and will not be able to say what's wrong, but makes it easier to go through the exercise's requirements and step-by-step write the necessary code.

We are currently working on server support for receiving and grading exercises, and are also looking into using it on more formal tests and exams. JExercise is open source and has it's own home page.

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