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Learning to play football is a long but rather fun journey. There is much more to learning this sport than meets the eye, and there is a lot more to it than just learning rules of play. The only way to discover the ins and outs of the game fully is to experience it. Reading books and watching videos is all very good, however none of it will replace actually going out there gaining some experience. No doubt you'll make some mistakes, but in the process you will gain feedback to ensure you progress. You could say that football, and many other sports, is similar to life. But let's not venture off track, we shall get into the topic of this marvelous sport.

Behind each line, offensive or defensive, is the backfield. So with the defensive backfield you have the linebackers. The defense is led by the big defensive linemen, the speedy defensive backs, and the linebackers, who need to be both fast and big.

The job of the linebackers is to cover receivers during pass plays, but they may also charge the quarterback during a blitz. The fast defensive backs are the last line of defense, breaking up passes, and stopping the running backs. Anytime during the game when it is a passing situation, it becomes the time for the secondary to shine. As the game progresses, there will be passes thrown to the receivers, and the secondary needs to break the passes up.

Though there are many rules of football, after you play it for some time, or watch it enough, they are easy to learn. For the defense players, the most basic rule is they must remain in their defensive area, or zone, when each play begins. It is helpful to think in terms of player coverage. Whatever the quarterback decides determines who they are watching and where they are going during the play. The roles according to position are largely based on how the game has evolved and are accepted and followed. The defense is a very important part of the game which requires every person on the team know what their specific position does. Players must also memorize the plays that will be given during the game to execute them properly.

Every football team has something called a special team. These special teams are used for plays where the ball needs to be kicked. A field goal attempt can be made, or the ball can be punted when the play allows the ball to be kicked. During a three point attempt, or once a score has been made, the field goal attempt is made. The third play is kicking off to the other team either after a score or at the beginning of the game or the third quarter after halftime. The special team members are the place kicker, punter, and then there is a need for the long snapper for snapping the ball to the punter. And don't forget the special team runners, who go and retrieve the ball after a kick-off punt has been made. There are, of course, rules that each level has that are exactly the same. Therefore, there should be no issues at all when a player makes the transition from one level to another. Your coach will always be the absolute best source of information when learning to play football.

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