Using the AI Lab

The AI Lab is largely a gift to our department from Telenor. It is primarily a place where Telenor researchers and AI professors, post-docs, PhD and Master students can work on AI projects. It is not a general hang-out for computer-science students or staff.

As is hopefully very obvious, the room is several steps above your average lab or meeting room. It's a special place, and we hope to keep it that way.

Visitors to the lab include important business leaders and government officials; sometimes they drop by on very short notice. Thus, the lab needs to always be "looking its best". Coffee cups, soda bottles, food wrappers, etc. leave a very bad impression, along with reducing the general ambience of the work environment. To this end, no food nor drink is permitted in the lab (with an exception for important meetings, particularly those involving visitors to the lab). Students who need a lunch or coffee break are welcome to use the nearby 3rd-floor oasis, which is normally available.

Areas of the Lab

The seats and small round tables on the north end of the lab are for everybody to use. This is meant as a social area and a small arena for formal presentations.

The row of machines along the window are available for any users of the lab. These are subject to a "clean desk" policy, which means that when you finish working at the machine, you log out and take all of your stuff with you. Nobody should be "camping out" on these machines for days on end.

The machines on the south end of the lab will (probably) eventually be allocated as more permanent work areas for a few masters students in their final year (or semester) of study. If there is a high demand for these machines, a priority system will be put into effect, probably one giving highest priority to students working directly with Telenor. It is not certain that these machines will be attractive in the long run, because as more people use the lab, including the common areas on the north side, the noise levels will surely go up. The lab is NOT intended as a quiet space, but rather a place where people do AI work and talk about it. Anyone looking for a silent place to work should venture elsewhere.

The AI Meeting Room

Students are free to use the AI meeting room when it is available, but full-time AI employees (from IDI and Telenor) have the highest priority for using it. Students cannot reserve the meeting room and may occasionally need to vacate the room if a Telenor or IDI employee needs it. In most cases, however, those researchers will have reserved the room in advance. However, as mentioned earlier, sometimes we get surprise visitors who want to discuss cooperative AI projects, the lab, or AI in general.

We hope that you will all contribute to a vibrant atmosphere in the lab, one that reflects the general excitement over AI that has recently engulfed the technical world.