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Dr.Ing. course DT8105: Computer Architecture 2

PhD course computer architecture II as given in the spring term 2003 (Corresponding course DIF 8912)

  • Introduction
    1. Parallel Computer Architecture: A HW/SW Approach (PCA) Culler, Gupta and Singh, Chap. 1 Introduction, pp. 1-70
    2. Models and languages for parallel computation, David B. Skillicorn and Domenico Talia, ACM Computing Surveys, vol 30, Issue 2, june 1998, pages 123-161. [ACM DigLib]
    3. The Rise and Fall of Multiprocessor Papers in the International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), March 2001.
    4. Should Computer Scientists Experiment More? Walter F. Tichy, IEEE Computer May 1998, pp. 32-40.
    5. Scalable Computing William F. McColl. Jan van Leeuwen (Ed.): Computer Science Today: Recent Trends and Developments. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1000, Springer 1995, ISBN 3-540-60105-8, pages 46-61.

    6. Future Directions, chap 12 in PCA, pp. 935-961
  • Performance and benchmarking
    1. Workload-Driven Evaluation, chap 4 in PCA, pp. 199-262
    2. Parallel Benchmark Suites, Appendix in PCA, pp. 963-968
    3. Simulating a $2M Commercial Server on a $2K PC, Alaa R. Alameldeen, et.al.., IEEE Computer, 36(2), February 2003.
    4. A Multilevel Simulation Study Linking Parallel Applications to Executable and Realisable Hardware Models, Lasse Natvig and Pauline C. Haddow, Norsk Informatikk Konferanse 1997, Voss, 12 pages. [pdf]
    5. Simics: A Full System Simulation Platform, P.S. Magnusson et.al., IEEE computer february 2002, pages 50-58. [pdf]
    6. Cost-Effective Parallel Computing, David A. Wood and Mark D. Hill. IEEE Computer, pages 69–72, February 1995.
  • Memory hierarchy and systems
    1. Memory Hierarchy Design, chap 5 in Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach 3rd Edition (CA-QA), John L. Hennessy & David A. Patterson, pages 389-512.
    2. Storage Systems, chap. 7 in CA-QA, pages 677-777.
    3. Recent Advances in Memory Consistency Models for Hardware Shared-Memory Systems S. V. Adve, V. S. Pai, and P. Ranganathan, in the Proceedings of the IEEE, special issue on distributed shared-memory, 1999. If necessarry supplement with Shared Memory Consistency Models: A Tutorial by Sarita V. Adve and Kourosh Gharachorlooz.
  • Shared memory multiprocessors
    1. Multiprocessors and Thread-Level Parallelism, chap 6 in CA-QA, pages 527-664.
    2. Execution Driven Simulation of Shared Memory Multiprocessors, Bob Boothe. Chap. 6 (pages 145-170) in Fast Simulation of Computer Architectures by T.M. Conte & C.E. Gimarc (eds.), Kluwer Academic Publ. (1995)
    3. The Performance Impact of Flexibility in the Stanford FLASH Multiprocessor, Mark Heinrich et.al., In Proc. of 6th int'l conf. on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, San Jose, Oct-94, side 274-285 (html, ps) [FLASH project homepage] Se og Lasses forelesning om FLASH.
    4. Retrospective: The Stanford FLASH Multiprocessor Jeffrey S. Kuskin, Retrospective in 25 Years of the International Symposia on Computer Architecture - Selected Papers. pp 95-97. (Lasse har papir-kopi et sted ...)
    5. Pthreads for Dynamic and Irregular Parallelism, by Girija J. Narlikar and Guy E. Blelloch, Proceedings of Supercomputing 98: High Performance Networking and Computing, November 1998.
  • Supercomputers
    1. The CM-5 Connection Machine: A Scalable Supercomputer, W. Daniel Hillis and Lewis W. Tucker, CACM Vol. 36, No. 11, Nov 1993, page 31-40
  • Clusters
    1. Interconnection Networks and Clusters, chap 8 in CA-QA, pages 787-877.

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